Hi Everyone.

I’m Sara. Last week I was an ordinary GP in Sydney, getting ready for my 6 year old’s birthday party, and living my life.  I have a few jobs in my attempt to balance family and work life. Two of these involve inpatient palliative care, at Bear Cottage and Manly Waters Private Hospital.  I also work at MIPS in medical advocacy and as of November will help start the GP clinic at the Northern Beaches Hospital.

Last Monday, I read an article in The Guardian newspaper, and was devastated at the inhumane and totally unnecessary way a man was going to die.  He happens to be Hazara. He happens to be a refugee. And he happens to be on Nauru.

I think the details of his ethnicity, status and location should be irrelevant. He deserves to die without pain, & with his identity and personhood intact.  He deserves it because every human deserves it.

On Wednesday night last week, I wrote a letter to Peter Dutton. I showed a colleague, who showed a colleague, and they all wanted to add their names.   It’s grown beyond what I could have imagined, and includes some eminent voices in the medical fraternity.

Now powerful voices are calling the government to account. The AMA released a strong statement publicly yesterday. RACGP, FACP and ACCRM have publicly commented on the issue.  Advocacy groups like Doctors4refugees are spreading the word.

I’m hopeful that we can help this man.  I’m hopeful that it will also shine a light so that Australia can do better for those who are voiceless.

Please join me if you can.